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Tooth decay remains the #1 chronic childhood illness in America, even more prevalent than obesity. Local dental office Jefferson Dental has set out to change that statistic, improving the oral health of Houston students through interactive dental care presentations and free dental kit giveaways.

This spring semester alone, the Jefferson Dental Community Wellness program has visited 25 schools in the Houston-metro area, providing presentations and more than 1,400 kits to students in Houston-area schools. The program will visit even more schools by the end of the semester.

“This is an opportunity for students of all ages to learn about proper dental hygiene, why it’s important to care for our teeth and how to brush and floss properly,” says Sasha Rodriguez, Community Wellness Manager.

The program is offered to schools and daycare centers free of charge, usually through an invitation from the school nurse.  

“Every child deserves access to resources to learn about healthy habits.” says Rodriguez. “We hope to inspire healthy habits that last for a lifetime.”

Jefferson Dental has been providing quality, affordable dental care to families at 16 locations across Houston.

To bring the Community Wellness Program to your school call 832-998-0368, or click here for more information about Jefferson Dental services.